This is a who wore it better, shoe edition. As you can see, 2 different celebritys are wearing the exact same shoes. Not sure what they are but they look sort of cute.

So who do you think who wore it better? Comment if you like!
I suddenly made a collage on Polyvore about The Perfect Shoes for Back to School.
Here are some "popular" shoes that can be perfect for back to school.

Converse: If you are gonna wear it maybe with skinny jeans, I recommend that. Converse is usually popular. I recommend these colors: Red, Grey, Black, Light Blue, and Purple. Other colors like neon aren't good.

Toms: I recommend the ones with no doodles/drawings such as like a toms with a mustache on it or a 1D on it. I recommend like plain colors. The ones on the pictures are totally fine :)

Uggs: You'll be saying "But uggs are for winter" I know that but this shoe product is for the winter. It's usually expensive so if you don't have enough money, buy the cheap brands. They work too! I wear the cheap ones from JCPenneys and they are great! You can find them at any fashion store. I recommend the colors of the same color as your skin tone (not trying to be racist or anything).

Flats: Well flats maybe have 1,000 brands but any flats at any company is okay. I recommend grey flats because well to me, its pretty cute. Also the ones with a bow on the tip of the flats is also good too!

Hopefully thats all you need to know and thank you for reading!