Mustaches have been HUGE lately. And not just on faces. Today I will share with you my favorite mustache accessories, perfect for everyday wear!
This 3pc Face Necklace from Delia's is TOO CUTE! Not only does it include a mustache, but it also has a nose and some glasses. So adorable <3
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Here is a playful 2-finger mustache ring from Claire's. I love the simplicity of it, and how you could adapt it easily to any outfit!
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Are these the cutest things EVER or what? These sunglasses from Delia's come with a little mustache attached to them!
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Converse are my favorite shoes ever, and the fact that they have mustaches on them makes these even better! These are quirky but subtle enough to wear every day.
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Sneaker Wedges are the latest trend in fancy footwear. A once casual piece is now becoming a huge fashion icon.
Sneaker Wedges are exactly what the name describes: skate shoes with a heel. Of course, you won't go skating in these. The heels are usually 2 to 4 inches high.
Also, I wouldn't recommend wearing these to school. You should never wear heels to school as they are bad for your feet.
Don't try to pass these off as gym shoes either, unless you want a twisted ankle.
Opinion time! (Note, this has MY opinion in it. If you don't agree, comment below!)
I believe that these shoes are clunky and unattractive. They look very uncomfortable as well and I would never wear them.
As I said before, leave your opinions in the comments!