Cutepolish is a person who does Nail Tutorials on YouTube! She just released brand new cutepolish's NEW fast drying top coat and the protective base coat! How cool is that? You can get these at
Here are the things that no other top coat and base coat has other than cutepolish's ones:
-Cruelty free (not tested on animals)
-Free of toxic chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde,
resin, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) which are known to cause cancer and birth
-Harmful to our environment
-Strength and protection
-Fast drying time
-Chip resistance
-High gloss shine
They're $12.95 for the top coat and base coat. Sadly, there sold out :( but here is a note from her website:
We are currently OUT OF STOCK and we have no time frame as to when we will be
back in stock at this time. Thank you for your patience."

I'm not sure what it means but hopefully there be back in stock soon!
Okay guys so I have been obsessed with trying to find something new for my lips and so I remembered one of my friends telling me about Baby Lips by Maybeline. I looked it up and watched some review videos and now I'm actually mad because i don't have any yet so I suggest you check them out. And most people consider the  pink punch one so if you're gonna get new makeup, I recommend you get these.
This look is perfect for school and on casual and normal days. This makeup
look isn't too deep look like not too much eye shadow and stuff.

you need:
-Lip stick (highly recommend the same lip stick color as your lips.
Chap Stick also is good too!)
-Mascara (not fully black ones. Just
-Light blush
-(its hard to explain but those things that match
your skin tone and you apply it on your skin)
So lets get started♥
Usually first off by getting your lipstick/chapstick onto your lips. Remember,
if your using a lipstick, get the ones perfect color for you and more of the
color like your natural lips.
2) Apply mascara, DON'T GET THE ONES THAT SHOW
3) Blush your cheekbones/cheeks with a light color.
4) Apply
those skin makeup things that come in a container with the exact skin color as
yours and apply it on your blemish and acne

Optional: You
can always fill in your brows if you like!

I hope you enjoy this natural
look tutorial!
xoxo Corn