This look is perfect for school and on casual and normal days. This makeup
look isn't too deep look like not too much eye shadow and stuff.

you need:
-Lip stick (highly recommend the same lip stick color as your lips.
Chap Stick also is good too!)
-Mascara (not fully black ones. Just
-Light blush
-(its hard to explain but those things that match
your skin tone and you apply it on your skin)
So lets get started♥
Usually first off by getting your lipstick/chapstick onto your lips. Remember,
if your using a lipstick, get the ones perfect color for you and more of the
color like your natural lips.
2) Apply mascara, DON'T GET THE ONES THAT SHOW
3) Blush your cheekbones/cheeks with a light color.
4) Apply
those skin makeup things that come in a container with the exact skin color as
yours and apply it on your blemish and acne

Optional: You
can always fill in your brows if you like!

I hope you enjoy this natural
look tutorial!
xoxo Corn

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