Hey! Its Corn here with an exciting post! Well...wanna dress up someone that is your rolemodel or your a fan? (like a celeb) Then you can do this! Any celeb! But I'm just gonna do Bella Thorne. This is perfect for halloween if you don't have anything to wear! :)

Dress: Its like a loose zebra print dress like not long sleeves but around to the arm.

Accesory: Get a grey-ish bracelet thats pretty thick. Its on bella thorne's left rist. Also, theres a brown belt around the dress, place that on! If it didn't come with the dress, just buy it seperate.

Boots: There is light high brown boots which are super cute! Of course, its leather! :)

Thats all and check out my "Who Wore it Better" page where your cursor is on top of the page "Celebrity Fashion" and I'll post sometimes!

Have fun!
xoxo Corn
Hi again! Its Corn, so this is a battle between Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande wearing the SAME DRESS. You may comment what YOUR opinion is :) So here are MY opinions.

Selena Gomez: If it was 1 out of 10, I would have to say 7 because not many people in concerts wear that type of dresses. Usually there tight. I would think she would go with jeans, any top, and just accesories.

Ariana Grande: If it was 1 out of 10, I would have to say a 9.5, she almost broke the 1 out of 10 scale! With her smile and pose, it totally was IN! Her dress could be in the red carpet. I would think she would just wear that dress maybe at a Award Ceremony at the Red Carpet kind of like other celebs.

I hope you enjoyed it! :)
xoxo Corn
Hey everyone! Today, we're gonna show and tell you how to dress kind of like Debby Ryan. She has been my role model for a very long time so why not I share it with you? :)

Hair: She has like a cute little side bangs (I kind of forgot how you call it. The thing on her forehead) and there like a darkish, redish color of hair. She has a lot of curls. I like this kind of look because shes like 19 years old I believe and the hair looks like she's an adult now :)

Top: Its kind of a light pale sleeved shirt with textures and NOT see through except the bottom part, as you can see, you can look at her blue jeans around the bottom of the top.

Bottom: The bottom, it looks like it isn't light blue skinny jeans because of the light of the jeans. It looks like a polyester fabric BUT I recommend you use light blue skinny jeans because well we don't know if its polyester or not :)

Shoes: The shoes TOTALLY match the shirt color (light pale) and I believe its like high heels we some details around the tip of the shoe.

Accesory: The only accesory I see is just big earrings that shaped like a water drop you know what I mean right and they have like tiny holes on them and there hooked onto her ear :)

Well thats all about like a Debby Ryan look. Have fun finding a inspiration clothes that look just like her!
Happy Shopping!