As you may know, this has been posted on the homepage but So here are the current trends for November!

Sweaters: Wear sweaters, if you're feeling uncomfortable then wear a t shirt inside! :) THICK stripes with 2 COLORS are in style! :)

Jeans: Wear your favorite jeans! Shown above, these are 'boyfriend jeans' which are really popular!

Skirts: Can you HANDLE the cold? Wear a skirt! This is cute if you're going to a party, restaurant, anywhere! :)

Boots: You can wear UGGS but suddenly, everyones going to wear them but you're more than welcome to wear boots with those heels like shown above.

Sorry for the lack of no posting last week. Pretty lazy. I'm sorry but hopefully you'll like this post!
xoxo Corn
Hey! Its Corn and I know this video was posted like a month ago but Fall is still here! Here is a little tip video made by the wonderful Michelle Phan!
I recently made a set on my polyvore account (user: cornwashere) and wanted to share with you these cute trends for teens and adults. Including kids! :)

Sweaters: Usually sweaters that are like brown and modern and fall
colors. Also get the ones that are one size bigger than your usually top size
because its cute and fashionable :)

Boots: FINALLY! Wear Uggs, ANY boots!
Wear grey or any fall color boots! :)

Necklace: Wear a leaf necklace or
one that says "fall"! Super duper cute on you!

Pants: JEANS! I am
telling you, JEANS!! It looks best on you, not those color jeans, just denium. I
promise you, YOU'LL LOOK GOOD!

Accesory: Have leaf earrings, bow,
headband, etc. YOU DECIDE :)

Tip: If your doing this, also include a scarf. Layers on your outfit is ALWAYS a solution to your outfits!

I hope you try this out! I'll see you next week!
xoxo Corn

As you may know, I LOVE Debby Ryan. Like a huge fan. So this latest video she made is like trends for school. I just had to post this video up! :)

Bright colors are SO in season! Like light blue and pink jeans (or just regular jeans), light pink shoes, etc. BUT! We're not talking and describing the ones from the picture, thats just an example. We're talking bright colors from POPULAR companys (converse, levi's, etc.).

Top: I recommend like in the picture, NOT the color black. I think they cause some weird reaction when you wear it in the sun like heat? Find just bright neon crop tops or just regular bright crop tops. Today, I wore a bright orange neon and grey crop top! (Thats just an example for you to wear but you can wear tank tops, regular shirts, ANY type of shirt style but the light and bright colors are the ones you're gonna look for!)

Bottom: Honestly, I don't recommend bright color jeans. I'm not gonna say it because it may offend some other people. BUT, what you could wear is bright color SKIRTS! But I guess you could wear bright color jeans if your not a skirt person. Usually they have these jeans at JcPenneys mostly for Juniors/Teens section.

Shoes: This is gonna be sort of the MAIN one because everyone looks at there shoes often. Like on my "How to get ther perfect shoes for back to school" post on the Accesory section I think, those are the TOP brands I'm looking for you to wear! Wear bright color converse, toms, flats, and others EXCEPT Uggs or shoes for winter. There has to be like a neon converse, light pink toms, bright blue color flats, and more! You can wear bright color high heels if you like! :)

Accesory/Outwear: NEVER wear bright color sunglasses, I think bright nerd glasses are the ones your looking for. Hats, jackets, earrings, etc. are good too with ANY bright color!

Thats all for bright colors, Have fun Shopping!