Hey! Its Corn here with an exciting post! Well...wanna dress up someone that is your rolemodel or your a fan? (like a celeb) Then you can do this! Any celeb! But I'm just gonna do Bella Thorne. This is perfect for halloween if you don't have anything to wear! :)

Dress: Its like a loose zebra print dress like not long sleeves but around to the arm.

Accesory: Get a grey-ish bracelet thats pretty thick. Its on bella thorne's left rist. Also, theres a brown belt around the dress, place that on! If it didn't come with the dress, just buy it seperate.

Boots: There is light high brown boots which are super cute! Of course, its leather! :)

Thats all and check out my "Who Wore it Better" page where your cursor is on top of the page "Celebrity Fashion" and I'll post sometimes!

Have fun!
xoxo Corn