I recently made a set on my polyvore account (user: cornwashere) and wanted to share with you these cute trends for teens and adults. Including kids! :)

Sweaters: Usually sweaters that are like brown and modern and fall
colors. Also get the ones that are one size bigger than your usually top size
because its cute and fashionable :)

Boots: FINALLY! Wear Uggs, ANY boots!
Wear grey or any fall color boots! :)

Necklace: Wear a leaf necklace or
one that says "fall"! Super duper cute on you!

Pants: JEANS! I am
telling you, JEANS!! It looks best on you, not those color jeans, just denium. I
promise you, YOU'LL LOOK GOOD!

Accesory: Have leaf earrings, bow,
headband, etc. YOU DECIDE :)

Tip: If your doing this, also include a scarf. Layers on your outfit is ALWAYS a solution to your outfits!

I hope you try this out! I'll see you next week!
xoxo Corn

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