This is a gorgeous dress. So if you don't know who these two wonderful celebritys are, they are Jessica Parker and Emma Roberts.

Jessica Parker: Love the dress and how she is wearing but her smile and the pose seems...normal? I would give it a 6.5/10.

Emma Roberts: Love her pose and the dress with those cute shoes but her smile shows a lot and looks like a fake smile? Not sure. 9/10 for her!

So those were my opinion. COMMENT DOWN BELOW who looks better!


10/07/2012 7:41pm

Jessica Parker looks better. She accessorized it right and looks comfortable.
Emma Roberts looks uncomfortable and she did not accessorize it right. Those shoes are horrendous.


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    Who Wore it Better? By: Corn

    Hey! I'll post 2 celebs wearing atleast one same item/clothing and I want YOU to comment who looks better.


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